Any child with a creative mind can be an architect!  Architecture is rich with the wisdom of centuries past.  By opening children’s minds to it, we can help them to be more aware of the world in which they live.The history of architecture provides endless opportunities for discussion and for expanding a child’s vocabulary and general knowledge.This fun and educational class will offer hands-on activities inspired by building designs around the world including St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, Notre-Dame, the Great Pyramid, and the Parthenon.  We will explore the innovations and physical science behind these structures.  This approach will give us and understanding of how our modern building techniques and materials have evolved over time.  Together, we will gain an appreciation for the unique architectural features that give these famous landmarks their beauty and character.

Sample Projects: 

Some examples of the projects will include Clay Cathedrals, Symmetrical Sculptures, Scaled Pyramid Models, Gumdrop Towers, Greek and Gothic Architecture.




Doodle Dynamo Architectural Wonders1