Art is an essential part of a child’s development.  It opens doors to exploration, discovery, and individual creativity.  The process of art reinforces self-confidence and helps children to build critical thinking skills through observation, reasoning, and problem-solving. Art provides endless opportunities for discussion and for expanding a child’s vocabulary and general knowledge.  Integrating fine arts across the curriculum allows children to make connections and improves their academic growth.
Our themed camps offer educative experiences to enhance student learning.  Through inquiry-based instructions, group discussions, and hands-on art activities, students will discover new ideas and techniques in a nurturing environment.  These creative expeditions will allow them to learn while having fun.  After all, children learn by doing!

About the founder of Doodle Dynamo

Dr. Abhi Rathi is the founder and owner of Doodle Dynamo in Richmond, Virginia. Professionally Abhi is a scientist with a PhD in Molecular Biology but it is her love for art, which planted the seed of Doodle Dynamo. Her passion for science and love for art made her realize that how beautifully these two fields are intertwined. In collaboration with experienced art professionals, Abhi is sharing her vision in various forms of art camps in Doodle Dynamo. Abhi is also the owner of Club SciKidz franchise in Richmond, VA ( and is successfully running this franchise at multiple locations in and around Richmond area. Abhi is proud to spread the awareness of “STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)” programs and associated careers.

Abhi Rathi, PhD

Doodle Dynamo